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Wetland Habitats in the Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge - blog post image

Wetland Habitats in the Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge

The Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge wetlands are essential elements of the area’s ecosystem. They consist of the ponds and streams found throughout the area. These water features, particularly the streams, filter and clean the water passing through the refuge and greatly increase the vitality and number of plant, animal and insect species in the area.

Photo Courtesy of National Wildlife Refuge System.

The wetlands help the plants and animals of the Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge in a number of ways. These habitats provide homes for plants and animals with many plants taking root along the banks of the ponds and streams. The never-ending water source allows these plants to flourish. Animals like reptiles and amphibians also nestle along the water in the refuge, including the Chorus frog, Tiger Salamander and Western painted turtle. Larger animals like the Mule deer also benefit from these habitats because they have access to water for drinking.

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