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Two Ponds National Wildlife Refuge

Until the Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge opens to the public we can only admire it from afar. There are, however, other beautiful national wildlife refuges nearby you can enter and fully enjoy. Eventually they will be linked together by the Rocky Mountain Greenway, a regional trail corridor that will form a continuous link from the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge to the Rocky Mountain National Park.

The nearby Two Ponds National Wildlife Refuge in Arvada is the smallest urban wildlife refuge in America. It provides a beautiful haven for wildlife and nature lovers throughout the metropolitan Denver area. The refuge covers more than72 acres - 63 acres of uplands and nine acres of wetlands. The area also has three small ponds that contain a variety of native plant and animal species.

Through time, the native plants and animals in this environment have changed. These changes occurred because of grazing livestock that ate much of the plants and the farming and plowing of European settlers. In recent times urbanization and development have reduced the available land for the native species living in the area.

In response to these issues, local citizens groups worked to together to set aside and preserve this lot of land from development. These efforts eventually led to the establishment of the Two Ponds National Wildlife Refuge in 1992.

Today, thousands of visitors enjoy wildlife-oriented recreation within the refuge. Visiting the area helps people grow their appreciation for the local wildlife and the importance of conservation.

There are many fun things to do at the refuge. Visitors can get involved in environmental education programs, go on guided tours, participate in service projects, walk the several trails, go birdwatching (120 species) or simply relax within the two open areas.

By strolling through the trails in the park, visitors may encounter a variety of animals such as hawks, woodpeckers, blue herons, mule deer and beavers. As the seasons change so do the landscapes and their animal inhabitants. Visit the park to enjoy the beauty of Spring blooms, sunny Summer, and the festive foliage of Fall!

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