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Nature Parks in Candelas Surrounding Rocky Flats Wildlife Refuge

The most notable feature of the Candelas scenery is the Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge. Over 300 species of animals call this six-thousand-acre sanctuary home. Currently several miles of trails are planed that will connect to existing hiking and biking paths. Once opened to the public Candelas residents will be able to enjoy a run or a bike ride in the fresh air while watching a variety of wildlife frolic through the grass and trees. As we await the opening of the refuge to the public there are six parks in Candelas for residents to explore and enjoy right now.

A big part of Candelas life is heading outdoors for fun. A total of 13.5 miles of trails wind throughout the development and every one of them presents an opportunity to take a walk, jog, bike ride or even go horseback. Each park in the Candelas development offers a different atmosphere and amenities. Be sure to visit and create memories in each one!

Cimarron Park features a bandstand and park shelter. It has a community amphitheater which is perfect for fun with family and neighbors. The park has a multi-purpose turf field and is great for kids as it features a “Tot Lot” with swings.

Foxtail Pond Park features a beautiful pond. Residents can relax by the water and hang out on the raised boardwalk and have peaceful lunch at the park’s picnic structure.

Sarah George Park features a park shelter and a picnic grove with tables. The park is the perfect place to get active with its soccer and softball fields. There are also fitness stations and a playground and swings for kids.

Maverick Mesa Park features a bandstand and park shelter. There is also a community amphitheater that is great for fun community events. The park has a multi-purpose turf field, a playground and swings.

Haystack Plateau features a park shelter and is a great place to get active! Residents can play tennis at the two tennis courts and kids can play on the playground and swings.

Church's Crossing features a park shelter with tables perfect for a picnic. The park also has soccer and softball fields and a full basketball court. Kids can also have fun on the playground and swings.

With all that Candelas has to offer, residents will always have opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors! Learn more about the wildlife in the area on www.candelasrockyflats.com.

Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge Photo: US Department of Energy

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