Activists Ignore the Science that says Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge is Safe

Long-time Denver newspaper columnist Vincent Carroll responds to the “fear-mongering obstructionism” of activists who are now suing the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service to stop development of a new visitor center and trails at Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge. Photograph by the Denver Post Caroll writes that we “can only marvel at their dismissal of the s ..

Allow Greenway Trail through Rocky Flats? The science says yes.

By The Denver Post Editorial Board Cities and counties in the north metro area would be making a big mistake if they failed to contribute toward construction of a bridge and underpasses for access for hikers and bikers to a portion of the Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge. They would also jeopardize federal support that will fund a majority of the projects. The access i ..

Bob Greenlee: The Only Thing We Have to Fear is ... Fear Itself!

By Bob Greenlee Fear is a powerful political tool skillfully employed when attempting to influence public policy in Boulder County and a means for political activists to consolidate their influence and power. Seeking truth is never the ultimate goal of these activists and, as Machiavelli so skillfully taught us, the retention of power is the primary objective when employing the various tac ..

Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge Monthly Nature Programs

November 21, 2015 by Sandy Bornstein, Arvada International Travel Examiner. With minimal fanfare, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFW) recently started offering monthly nature programs at the Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge ( Read the full article here > ( ..

Rocky Flats Stirs Strong Emotions, Pits Sides 10 Years After Cleanup

By John Aguilar, The Denver Post ROCKY FLATS — Dave Lucas slams his truck into drive. The refuge manager for Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge is searching for the old dirt road that has disappeared under a sea of big blue stem and prairie sand reed. He reaches the top of a steep ridge, and they come into view. A herd of nearly two dozen elk gather in a quiet ravine, the co ..

Things To Do in Arvada This Summer

Though there are plenty of indoor activities in the Arvada area. Between the opportunities offered by the city, local businesses, and plethora of nature trails there is certain to be a little something for everyone. The city of Arvada hosts several family friendly seasonal outdoor festivals every year. These festivals cater to the interests of both adults and children alike. The Annual ..

Vegetation on the Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge

The Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge is home to many native animals and a variety of vegetation. From grasslands to riparian areas and wetlands, the refuge is a safe haven for rare vegetation. The mixture of uncommon grasses, trees, shrubs, and other vegetation provides Rocky Flats with a sense of uniqueness and rarity. The rare Xeric Tallgrass which grows along the border of ..

Wildlife of the Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge

One of the main purposes the Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge was established was to protect important wildlife resources. It has since provided a critical environment for the threatened Preble’s Meadow Jumping Mouse, as well as preserved hundreds of acres of the rare xeric tallgrass prairie. The Preble’s Meadow Jumping Mouse is a very small mammal that is only nine inch ..

Candelas and Rocky Flats: Past, Present and Future

You’ve no doubt read about the important history of Rocky Flats and its transformation into the wildlife refuge, which lies to the north of Candelas. We also hope that you’ve explored additional resources such as the Rocky Flats Stewardship Council ( and become familiar with the documented background of the site as the most successful cleanup in America ..